Create an Interactive Content Video with Wibbitz [Walyou Exclusive]

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could browse through a website’s latest content through an interactive video? That’s exactly what Wibbitz does. Wibbitz provides a video player plug-in for websites and blogs that automatically takes the existing content from the site – like images, headlines and video clips – and converts it into an interactive video. This lets you catch all the latest info from the site through a cool and interactive visual experience. Check it out on the Top, Left hand side.

wibbitz automated interactive videos logo

wibbitz social content videos image

The player provides an engaging real-time overview of the website using large images & headlines topped by some cool interactive features like zooming into a story and sharing the items displayed in the video on social networks. Some may describe the visual experience as “video-surfing”. The ease of navigating between the items displayed in the video creates a hassle-free flow of consuming the content by letting the info come to you.

Zooming into a story lets you view the full article from within the player itself- allowing you to continue watching the video from the last point that you left off when you’re done reading. In addition you can share the video on social networks, send it by mail and even subscribe to a daily video update that will be delivered to your Inbox or mobile device.

wibbitz social content video screenshot

Another cool thing is that any site can easily create its very own “Wibbitz Player” using the simple self-service interface on in just 3 quick steps. The whole creation and customization process is literally just a matter of minutes in which the site owner can set the site’s RSS feeds and design the player to seamlessly fit with the look and feel of his brand complete with colors and logos.

Wibbitz is currently running in private beta and sites can embed the “Wibbitz Player” by invitation only. Signing-up for an invite can be done at The service is expected to be released to the public in the coming weeks.

wibbitz content video design

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