Rubik’s Cube Head: the Brain Performs Best When Worked

Who says the creative director heads at advertisement agencies don’t have brains? After seeing the mind boggling commercial “The Drench Cube Head” on YouTube about a British fruit juice brand, one can easily start scratching his head in amazement as to what is happening adn how they pulled it off.

rubic cube 1

In the advertisement you see a man, with his face like a jig-saw puzzle in the form of the famous Rubik’s Cube, arriving at the tube ( British for subway).  As soon as he settles down on a bench at the tube station, he wishes to drink juice. So, he scrambles the parts of his face and head.  The attendant at the station is awe-struck to see the man scrambling the different parts of his face.

rubik cube 2

The attendent starts wondering what is happening but remains busy in his work.  On the other hand, the commercial shows another man looking at the scramble faced man with great amazement, trying to solve his face puzzle. However,  a little girl in the scene seems to be enjoying what is happening.  She is the first admirer of this awesome “The Drench Cube Head”.

rubik cube 3

rubik cube 4

What sets this commercial apart from regular commercials is the presentation and professionalism with which it is shown, giving full marks to its director. After seeing the commercial one thing is clear.  Come what may, people may forgot the name of the juice being advertised, but they’ll never forget jig-saw puzzle of the man’s face.

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Via: UFunk