Warhammer 40000 Dreadnought Case Mod Gamers Would Love

If for so long, you have been a huge fan of the Warhammer 40000 video games then perhaps this is the time to get thrilled and see a concrete dreadnought right in front of you which is made possible by Pinchillo, the maker of the Warhammer 40000 Dreadnought Case Mod.

Warhammer casemod

It is a huge case mod made of wood, metal and acrylic. Well, these materials altogether have done a great work in giving a special effect to this case mod. As the dreadnoughts of the Warhammer 40000 are famous characters, this new creation has made people feel like seeing the mecha again in front of them and this time with a real-looking thrilled addition.

Warhammer casemod 2

The miniguns on the hands of the dreadnought along with its rotating feature lend an awesome look that should definitely be given two thumbs up. Enhanced with computerized features, hardware and accessories, this mecha definitely can win one at first impression. Why will it not, after all, Pinchillo invested a period of 4 long years for the creation of this object. Everything used for adding a bit of detail to this dreadnought is perfect and in the right proportion.

Warhammer casemod 3

Pinchillo must be credited for his incredible work that has been able to take the Warhammer 40000 to a new level. This video game that was known to the world as a tabletop miniature wargame only is now on the verge of pleasing the game freaks by having it right in front of them. It does not matter whether you have tried your hands on the video game or have never seen it, this case mod is sure to impress you that you need not know of its background to appreciate its look and amazing details added to it.

Warhammer casemod 8

From the moment news bursts out to computer screens the number of admirers of this mod is sure to increase. The effort put behind building this case mod were a lot and the time required was even lengthy. So, that makes many things crystal clear as to how perfect the final outcome will be. From the main body to other parts gradually, the whole thing is now all done and ready to be launched. The main body of the dreadnought will only carry all the hardware and technical elements in it. This white primer finished Warhammer 40000 Dreadnought Case Mod is truly a work of great perfection and creativity that anybody would like to get a close view.

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Via: Odditycentral