Wrist up in style with new Pacman watches!

Pacman fans have always shown their appreciation and love for this amazing game through bags, cakes, key chains . . . the list is endless. Just when we thought we had seen enough of it, Pacman makes a comeback as a cool, trendy and sporty watch.

Any game that clicks with fans makes for a great sale if teamed with popular consumer products. The super popular Pacman was obviously a sure shot hit with anything sellable. With Pacman ghosts Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde, and  of course Pacman itself, designed on the straps and even on the dial, you can get itthis watch in different variations, colors and style. So, you can flaunt a new Pacman watch everyday. Why settle for any normal boring watch?

Also, if you loved other Pacman accessories like Pacman Pillows and Pacman Bottle Opener, this will surely be a great and stylish add on to your collection. If you like to show off your love for the game, why not go all out!

Via: Watchaman