Holga D Is A Digital Cam With The Look of A Toy Cam

Perfection is not always the best thing and that has once again been proved by the Holga D camera, a camera with many outdated yet one-of-a-kind characteristics.

Holga D

In spite of being a digital camera by nature, the features found in it makes it really weird and truly not the kind of camera that professional photographers like to use. You cannot expect to achieve clear, crisp images form this camera, rather it produces images with vignette, light leaks and blur which only have come out as the striking factor about this camera. Sometimes, you should not just expect the best and that is what you will have to feel about the Holga D camera as well.

If you had been longing for a digital camera at its simplicity best then Holga D is the perfect instance that in spite of being a digital camera possesses the minimum of the digital features. In fact, the most striking factor about the camera is that it has no display on its back and that truly differentiates it from the generally found digital cameras. Now think it again as to how would it look or how would be the experience of shooting an image without getting to see it on the display?

Holga D1

This amazing camera still carries the anticipation and delayed gratification of analog photography! And if you sit down to check out the features found in the camera then don’t worry, you won’t have to waste much time as that is the main thing that you will rarely find in the camera. Believe it or not, the Holga D uses the last generation sensor in it, the 1.5x crop sensor which can hardly found to be used in the mainstream market. With features like these, the image quality of this camera can reach only the half of the image quality produced by the digital camera of these days.

Holga D camera

The differences between the original Holga camera and the new Holga D are just very less. The latest version too has the same simple features in it but the only basic difference is that it comes with the digital effect. For being digital in nature it has an electronic shutter that can be operated by a big shutter release key placed on the top panel.

Holga D 2

There is good news for lefties and that is this Holga D has a left hand friendly feature in it as its entire top panel gets removed and reversed making it suitable to be used by the left handed photographers. So what if the professional mainstream photographers have nothing to do with it, it at least will be a good thing for the toy camera shooters.

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Via: Fubiz