Purify Water Anywhere Anytime With The New Generation Water Filter!

I’m sure have been many instances while exercising or walking when your thirst knew no bounds and all you had access to was the muddy water in puddles and gutters. Well, the next time you encounter such an occasion, no worries! A new generation of water filters has come to your rescue which purifies any water anywhere anytime for you!Water Bottle 1

water bottle 2




Desigend by a UK Student, the modern Water Bottle purifier resembles a magnified version of a small cylindrical fuse in its shape. It uses a unique technology which makes use of a wind-up ultra violet bulb to sterilize the water that is collected. The water then passes through a series of filters until it’s 99.99% bacteria and virus free. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to produce clean drinkable water, definitely becoming a boon for those millions of lives which have no access to proper drinkable water.  And don’t you think, with new creative shapes and fancy attractive colors, the modern water purifier can certainly become the best choice to serve as a safe water bottle for kids all over the world?



After you get this cool purifier, purify water with it and use it in the cool MI Coffee Maker to make some healthy coffee or store it in your Retro Arcade Games Themed Mugs! Or,  you even use the pure filtered water in the Super Soaker Marvel Water Blaster and play happy & safe water warfare with your family. That’ll cool up your hot summers!