Interior Living Unit Marries Form and Function for any Size Space

Artist Andrew Kline’s thesis project (no not the WordPress theme) creates a completely self-contained living space complete with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom,all on wheels. Loft living will never be the same again.

When function is more important than form, this interior living unit does the job. Now, I know in my bachelor days, living in a tiny little apartment, I’d have killed for this unit. All the essentials for living on the go are in one neat box, leaving the rest of your floor space for more important things like computers, consoles and LAN paraphernalia of all sorts. Everywhere you go is home when you have this ingenious box with you.

Have you ever wished your bed was closer to the television, or your kitchen was closer to your bed, or your bathroom was closer to everything? Now you can bring your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen close no matter where you are.

Interior Living Unit Closed

No more fights about who’ll get up and go to the kitchen to make coffee. No more agonizing nights weighing up the pain in your bladder against the discomfort of braving the ice cold air between you and your bathroom. Set this up next to your console or PC and you’ll save years in commuting for those annoying, but necessary, chores like eating and sleeping.

Interior Living Unit Bed

When the unit is folded (closed), the private program requirements of a home are removed and the surrounding space or workspace can be utilized for public uses.  For example: a yoga instructor could live in the same space he or she teaches in.  These units, utilized in vacant buildings, can build communities in hollow urban areas.

The unit is made up of 9 pieces designed to fit through standard doorways and be assembled within a room. It consists of a wardrobe with a surprising amount of closet space.

Interior Living Unit Closet

A fold out Double bed comes complete with a tiny nightstand which has a power outlet for charging your phone or laptop and space for you Kindle loaded with your favourite sci-fi books.

Interior Living Unit Bed Unit

A bathroom with a toilet as well as a shower and hand basin finished in stylish stainless steel is also enclosed.

Interior Living Unit Bathroom

The most impressive “room” in the unit is the kitchen, complete with shelf space, a stainless steel preparation area, oven, washing up area and a separate door concealing a fridge and microwave.

Interior Living Unit Kitchen

With the world getting smaller and smaller, interior living solutions like this one will no doubt become less and less of a novelty item and more and more essential in order to make spaces inhabitable without huge costs. These units are currently available for sale or show by the designer. I live in hope though that one styled like the interior of the millennium falcon will be released before too long.

Now if you need to save some more space feel free to use your iPad as a plate and decorate the rest of your room using some fun optical illusions

Via: Andrew Kline