Need A Chess Partner? Get Robochess!

With a series of technically perfect robots like those playing football, or helping their master cleaning up his house and then alot of others, the robot world has continued to expand. This time it is the turn of the Robochess, a robot designed by an electrical engineering student of the University of Isfahan in Ira named Ebrahim Jahandar.


This robot’s specialty is described in its name. Yes, it is a chess playing robot that has been programmed to give a fair fight for its opponent. Although chess playing robots have been introduced before, this one truly stands out with some enhanced technologies, functioning and prompt moves capability.

Robochess by Ebrahim Jahandar comes attached with a special chess board, so any other chess board will not do. With no unnecessary technology being used, it looks small, simple and very basic, reflecting the small budget behind the making of this robot. However, there can be no question about the programming of this robot that Jahander has designed by using about 6,500 lines of C code. The reason playing with the Robochess will be interesting and challenging is that Jahander has programmed it with the best possible moves, the most frequently made moves and the most winning moves. So, if the person playing opposite of it thinks of deceiving it, they are out of luck. The Robochess too is well-designed to be fooled.

The chessboard used for attaching the robot has a magnetic sensor on it. Thechess pieces are also made with the a magnet. That way, it gets easier for the robot to track the chess pieces and hold them in its hands. The hooks placed in its hands are removable as well. The Robochess has an LCD display in it that shows each of the moves it has made so far. The whole thing comprises of 2 boards – one is the control board and the other power board. The parts like the microcontroller, LCD display and the Connectors are linked to the control board and the power section, while the relays and the motor controls, is connected to the power board.

The brain and creativity used behind the making of the Robochess is worth appreciating and the maker, Ebrahim Jahander deserves to be credited. Not yet 20 years old, he already has designed many other gadgets that stand out as an exception as well.

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Via: Robotworldnews