The ATC9K High Definition Camera for the Adventurous Type

This is for all the daredevils out there who jump off cliffs, ride through jungle terrain on a bike, climb vertical slopes, raft in foot-long waves, and want to capture the adrenaline-rush moment on camera. Oregon Scientific has released a radical HD adventure camera that promises to capture those high-adventure moments and immortalize them in HD resolution video. The ATC9K all terrain video camera is built to travel with you anywhere and record anytime.

If you love to hit the adventure trail with your friends, then the ATC9K is a very handy companion. The all terrain video camera comes with three different grips: a base grip and tripod mount, a helmet grip, and a bike handlebar grip.  The package also includes a silicon-rubber head strap and a Velcro head strap. What this means is, if you decide to go rock climbing, biking, or bungee jumping, the HD camera will follow you around.

What makes this amazing product one of the best adventure cameras around is its intelligent technical features. The video camera has a 1080p resolution with a 130-degree lens view to capture all the action. If you are hurtling down a mountain at top speed, the camera will capture your thrill ride in 60 fps (frames per second). The camera can also capture still shots in 5MP clarity.

Adventure sports enthusiasts love to push the envelope and increase the level of daredevilry. The ATC9K  goes beyond the regular video camera, with additional features such as a built in G sensor and a GPS locator. The G sensor will let you know how many G forces you knocked up on your last adventure. The GPS locator maps your location and calculates the distance traveled using Google Maps or Google Earth. Then it plays it back on your screen when you’re watching the video clip .

If you still doubt the camera’s ability to track your adventure, its next feature will convince you that the camera is miles ahead of its competition. The ATC9K can shoot underwater up to 20 meters in depth. The scuba diving adventure you took with your friends will be captured in high-definition with a fish-eye view of the underwater marine life.

The ATC9K is, probably, one of the first user-friendly adventure cameras in the market that does its job in a simple, straightforward manner. All you need to do is strap it on to your helmet, bike handle, or hand, and press the record button.

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Via: Oregonscientific