Razer Orca Headphones For Gaming Freaks

Headphones perhaps were never as stylish as this. Even if they were this stylish, to also find a headphone that combines style with a comfortable headset is a rarity. But, you can find both in the Razer Orca headset.

Razer Orca

Before this,  Razer came out with its Deathadder Left Hand Mouse Editionfor Lefties which rocked the gaming world, and we can expect the same with their latest addition, these Orca headphones. Whether you name it as fashion or ease of use, while carrying these headphones on your ears you will never have to stop listening to your favorite songs or playing your favorite game. Why? It supports a frequency of 15 – 21,000 Hz. But, there is no ache, no pressure and no weight- simply style and comfort no matter how long your wear them.

The winning feature of the Razer Orca, which makes it stand out from the rest, is its amazing cushioned fit that embraces the ears comfortably for hours without creating any discomfort. The crystal clear sound delivery of the headphone, with its baseline clarity and it easy plugging and switching facility from one sound source to another, are some other unmatchable features of the headset. Other attractive specifications of the Razer Orca that have made it capable of functioning so well and deliver such good services include an impedance of 32 O at 1 kHz, a 3.5 mm headphone jack for easy compatibility, an impeccable input power of 200 mw, a long enough extension cable with a length of 2 meters (6.5 feet), 1.2m braided fiber cable and 40 mm drivers with neodymium magnets.

The specifications of the Razer Orca says everything about its easy usability and great service delivery capacity. Gamers and music lovers are probably the ones who will benefit the most after buying this pair of black and green headphones. You can place the Razer Orca headphones in a category above the rest. You won’t be content to simply see the headset, but I know you’d like to know more about it before you buy.

If you want to know more about the Razer Orca and not miss out on being the first to get this pair of headphones and pay only $59.99 ,you should act soon. Right now, the company believes the headphones will be available to the general market by the third quarter of this year, but they are taking pre-orders now.

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