What’s Better than a Cool Mailbox? A Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Mailbox!

If you’re as big a Star Wars fan as I am, you’ve probably recognized quite a few mods on the Internet of objects that are transformed into Star Wars memorabilia. Craig Smith, who has come up with a few brilliant projects which have been featured on MAKE and MAKE Online, has submitted another piece known as an X-Wing Fighter mailbox.
The mailbox has a wingspan of 5 feet, and is about that long as well. It’s been painted and detailed really well, although recently, Smith said that it has suffered a lot of damage and needs weather repairing and repainting. Having suffered from vandalism and theft, it still looks like it has survived a lot of damage. Even so,  I would certainly still compliment him on it’s authentic design.
I can’t tell what the material he used for it, but it looks like a mix of wood and plastics. The mailbox door is on the back where the cargo compartment is so it really looks like an actual X-Wing. In his statement to MAKE, Craig says “everybody from letter carriers to pizza delivery go out of their way to say how much they like it. There is a street about 10 miles away where older guys have a mailbox rivalry with custom car, firetruck and airplane mailboxes. I should mail them a photo.”
I actually understand his claim and agree with it. What isn’t to like? You may have seen creative mailboxes, but a lot of them can be so generic. On the other hand, having a really nerdy reference like a Star Wars memorabilia for a mailbox is probably on the top of my list of creative ideas.

For more on this, you can check out [Geekologie] or [MAKE Online].

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