Bird of Prey Wine Opener is Bird of Party

This chrome Klingon Bird of Prey shaped wine opener will attack your bottles of wine and return victorious.   Sleek and designed for ThinkGeek, this corkscrew is an absolute necessity for any bar.   It may not be as stylish or as cool as opening a bottle of Blood Wine with a bat’leth – but it’s also a lot safer.

The sleek design is the same outline as the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, although it isn’t as detailed as I would like.  That may be for the best, however, since too many details may interfere with the functionality of the piece.  The main thing that I would have preferred to see out of this wine opener is something a little bit more dark and gritty.  I mean, something that a warrior would use to open wine.  Then again, it’s easy to understand that this opener is really more of a nod to Klingons in general – it should probably come standard for all diplomats dealing with Klingons.

For the true Star Trek Geek in the family, this little wine opener should come standard with the Captain Kirk Chair.  Just imagine kicking back on your bridge (aka living room) in your captain’s chair with a glass of Blood Wine.  Now, for those who may not be in immediate need of a captain’s chair, the Lego version of the Bird of Prey seems like a pretty good place to start.

So if you want to drink wine while watching Star Trek, then this cool opener runs for only $19.99.