Touch The Air With The Mercator Cellphone Concept

Haven’t you guys ever dreamed of having a hologram cell phone that has its keys mid-air and virtually takes up no space like the one they show in secret agent movies? If yes is your answer, then I must say that your dream is close to becoming a reality very soon since a concept of such a mobile phone has already been designed.
Touch The Air With The Mercator Cellphone Concept

A conceptual design brought on the blog-o-sphere by the popular designer called Kingyo, is already raising eyebrows all over. Called the “Mercator”, this cell phone is designed to be hosted mid-air by a hologram producing device and disturbances in the dispersed light will bring about the desired change. I am kinda curious about how it feels to touch the air and make something function. All in all, I would like to say that this one is one of the best concepts for cell phones that I have come across, yet, I believe that the only flaw of this cell phone, if it releases, is the cost. I hope it isn’t sky-rocketing as one would expect it to be. If you liked this concept, you should also take a look at the Windows future phone concept and the Rollphone cell phone concept, both of which stand apart in making the use of cell phones a better experience.

Via: iKingyo

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