Just the Facts: Little Black Book iPhone Case

The Little Black Book iPhone 4 case hides your phone inside a detective-like notepad and makes you look like Johnny Law.   The case resembles a Moleskine notebook that opens like a regular book (i.e. to the left), and hides your phone inconspicuously.

Not that this case would have kept the iPhone 4 prototype out of Gizmodo’s hands, but hey, it’s probably too much to ask that Apple will make an iPhone 4 case that resembles an iPhone 3. I can’t complain too much, because I’m one of those luddites who actually carries a Moleskine notebook around in his back pocket.  Which means that I also have to carry my iPhone separately – even if I use one of the handy apps to take some notes.

The case is made by a Minneapolis-based company called Pad and Quill, and is made of a wooden frame, cardboard and simulated leather.   Although I think this is a cool product, it does make me wonder why a consumer wouldn’t just head down to the store, buy a notebook and hollow it out.  There have been dozens of “hidden book” DIY projects on the Internet – so it seems like anyone who’s into making their own unique cases would simply save some cash and jump at the opportunity to play with sharp objects.

The coolness factor of this product is pretty high – and, if you’re not into DIY projects, this case is great for instant gratification.  In my opinion the case is a little large for a phone, especially when there are a lot of durable, hip cases out there that don’t increase the size of the phone too much. (Yeah, I know, this is from the guy who has already confessed that he carries both a phone and a Moleskin.)  If you’re looking for something a little geekier, you might check out the iPhone calculator sleeve; or, sticking with the Private Detective theme I started this post out with, take a chance with this gun iPhone case.

Via: Wired