Walyou Random Roundup [August 21, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for August 21, 2010 includes DNA, the Exorcist, Madden 11, Gamecube Mod, Spiderman, Yoyo Champion, Apple Earbuds and more. We hope you have a great Weekend and also enjoy this roundup. wonder women superhero t shirt costume

1. YoYo Championships (I AM Bored)

2. The 7 Stages in the Life Cycle of Apple Earbuds (College Humor)

3. ‘MakraMan’ Does Very Little That A Spider-Man Can (Comics Alliance)

4. Scare Surfers With the Leaping Shark Boat (Asylum)

5. DNA, that stuff works (The Chive)

6. Doll up Like a Superheroine with Batgirl and Wonder Woman Costume Shirts (GadgetHer)

7. There are white picket fences… and then there are these (The Berry)

8. 25 Awesome Stage Crasher Videos (Holy Taco)

9. Hairstyles For Face Shapes: Sachin On Fashion (Ask Men)

10. Eurocom launch Panther laptop with up to 4TB storage (Geek With Laptop)

11. Back to School Gift Guide: ALTEC Lansing Orbit Speaker (Maxim)

12. The Dai Shogun Kiriko Ninja Costume 3D Mouse Pad is Naughty and Raunchy (GadgetHim)

13. 10 People with Photographic Memories (Mental Floss)

14. Killer Halo M6D Pistol’s Life Size Rendition Recreated (Xbox Freedom)

15. ‘Crazy Sh** People Do to Their Barbies’ Is … Crazy (Lemon Drop)

16. Inebriation: A Drunken Parody of Inception (Neatorama)

17. Best Viral Marketing for a Movie I Have No Desire to See Ever: The Last Exorcist Chatroulette Prank (GeekoSystem)

18. GameCube Mod: The One-handed Controller (WiiNoob)

19. Physical Clip-on iPhone Keyboard Concept (Geeky Gadgets)

20. Meet the Official Shoe of Madden 11 (PS3 Maven)