iMate Momento Digi Frame Boasts WiFi

There is a great variety in digital photo frames and still many are yet to hit the market. But among all those, the iMate Momento WiFi Digital Picture Frame is a name that cannot be ignored by any means.

Simply because, in every aspect and in every feature, it only shows perfection.

iMate Momento

This is perhaps the first digital photo frame that can collect photos through WiFi and doesn’t need a USB thumb drive to connect. Keep favorite photos pre-inserted just by copying images to its internal memory for easy access when one wants to see photos of your vacation! Things are just so hi-tech with such array of features and facilities jam-packed in this photo frame, a must-have for a geek in every household.

iMate Momento Digital Frame

If we speak about the features of the iMate Momento WiFi Digital Picture Frame from  John Venida, there are plenty of things that most people may have not even heard of. Computer maniacs would love to use it to highlight their photos on the display. The notable features include its capacity to reveal photos updated by users of, ability to work as an MP3 or WMA audio file player by accessing files with a USB device, ability to directly link with any PC within the network area that runs Windows Media Player 11, and to automatically update the firmware over WiFi.

iMate Momento wifi digital frame

There are loads of additional features including the following:

  • RF remote for navigation
  • Photo viewing from a USB thumb drive that connects to the frame
  • Shows the Windows Vista SideShow gadgets
  • Direct transmission of photos to the frame via mail

iMate Momento Wifi

Clearly, prepping this digital photo frame is not everybody’s cup of tea. The procedure is critical and highly technical. So, the best you can do is to learn everything about it before trying anything else. You will need to accomplish a few technical activities in order for it to function within a network area. As the iMate Momento WiFi Digital Picture Frame supports a USB thumb drive, the network connection will set up automatically. After that, you need to register it at the MomentoLive service and start media sharing on your PC in order to let the frame catch the network and derive all pictures from the PC.

This prefix “i” has become a selling mantra since Apple brought out its iPhone and now we have everything coming up with “i”, even a digital frame.