Wha Bookshelf by day colourful lamp by night

The Wha bookshelf designed by Tembolat Gugkaev is in every way furniture of the future. It’s a bookshelf, a lamp, and even a colorful talking point as each of the shelves have their own different colored light, making the Wha bookshelf very easy on the eye.

At first glance, I had a suspicion that we may be looking into Dr. Suess (who wasn’t a real doctor by the way). The interesting curve design of the bookshelf is instantly reminiscent of many of the organic designs you’ve known and loved from the Dr. Suess books. Once having made that association though, it came as no surprise to me that this was no ordinary bookshelf. If there’s anything I was slightly disappointed with, it would be the reading light it provides and how it imitates that frustrating Simon game. That Dr. Suess can find a way to ruin everything, I guess.

Wha Bookshelf

At the risk of being proven very very wrong in the future, I suspect all furniture in our future will be forced into this kind of multi-purpose role. Space and resources being finite much of the items called into daily use will be required to do double or triple duty. No more paintings for paintings sake I suspect we’ll see paintings that are on televisions, on your computer monitors, and at a stretch perhaps even on your microwave or perhaps even lightbulbs which are computers. I suspect these fantastic machines are not too far off and we, the true Dr. Suess fans, will be having a good old chuckle.

Wha Bookshelf

So no, the Wha bookshelf sadly does not grow arms in front of your eyes nor does it rhyme. What it does have in common with Dr. Suess is that it has a delicate balance of form and function. The design is simple and natural, yet elegant enough for all but the most conservative of rooms. The striking curve is both aesthetically appealing and functional, allowing this bookshelf to double as a very capable reading lamp. When not in its utilitarian guises, as a home for your books or your light source for reading them, the Wha bookshelf shows of its playful side as each shelf in different bright and breezy primary colours. For those more observant readers, yes it does ironically (or by design, who knows) resemble a punctuation mark.

Wha Bookshelf

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