Hasbro Star Wars Clone Wars Mandalorian with Speeder Bike

Fanboys of the Star Wars franchisee are truly blessed. The space-age epic contains so many legendary and imaginative characters that a fan is never bereft of a radically designed collectible or toy.

If you indulge in Star Wars collectibles, then the Hasbro ‘Star Wars Clone Wars Mandalorian with Speeder Bike’ is as cool a collectible as they come.

This eclectic, war-worshiping tribe was usually relegated to the bylines, as a minor plot character in the Star Wars movie saga. Now, they finally have their time in the sun with Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  In The Clone Wars, the Mandalorians have been depicted as a peace-loving nation and a respected member of the Republic.

Hasbro has paid its tribute to The Clone Wars by designing a Mandalorian Speeder Bike that comes with a Mandalorian warrior figure. The American toy manufacturer has tried to recreate the design aesthetic of the warrior tribe by designing the speeder bike with sharp angular designs, and straight lines.

The frame of the bike is colored white with blue lines bordering its articulated lines. The front portion of the bike has a hood, toothed grill, and two laser weapons. Two handles jut out from its hood and is used for steering the all terrain bike. The tail portion of the bike slopes downwards from its front portion and houses a seat for the rider of the bike.

The Mandalorians are an eclectic bunch of the Star Wars universe. This nomadic group is considered the third side of the blade, existing alongside the ‘good’ Jedi and the ‘evil’ Sith. They are a formidable enemy of the Jedi, but not always the most loyal ally of the Sith. A tribe that is bound by the common culture of war and bloodshed, they believe that confrontation is essential for the personal growth of an individual as well as collective growth of a society.

The eccentric nature of the Mandalorians has been recreated through the Hasbro warrior figure. The action figure wears the trademark bounty-hunter suit and helmet accompanied by a laser saber attached to its back. The chest and waist portion of the suit is covered in metallic grey while the arms and legs of the suit are colored in sky blue.

With the Star Wars Clone Wars Mandalorian with Speeder Bike, the Star Wars fanboy can travel strange worlds with the action figure riding on it. This uncommon collectible is available on EntertainmentEarth.com at the rate of $17.99.

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