A “Seed” that Pumps Water

Consider the following situations – the garden or lawn has been over watered; the tank has been overfilled; you forget to switch off or switch on the pump on time. If you have been in any of the given situations then you need to try out this new household pump ‘Seed’.

Seed is a centrifugal pump concept designed by Ukrainian designer Aleksander Mukomelov. The design of this pump is inspired by the shape of a seed and hence the name. The fact that the body is made from recycled plastic adds on to the eco-friendly nature of the product. Seed does not require any additional devices as its interior is fit with a layer of foam that facilitates it to stay afloat. At the same time the very bottom part has a layer of ballast that prevents it from rolling over. The vents on the sides of it stay above the water level and allow free inlet of cool air and outlet of warm air.

This innovative household pump is well equipped to draw water from surface water bodies like lakes, rivers and ponds as well as wells, water reservoirs and chinks. And all this can be done without any fuss. In fact you will be set free from problems such as overfill which leads to wastage of electricity. And think of all the time to be spent on pumping out excess water.

Seed does not even need your constant attendance since it comes with a remote control panel. The remote control helps preset many parameters of the pump like setting the switching off and on time, shutdown countdown, the frequency of turning the pump on and off, the amount of water to be flowed in before shutting down and many more such adjustments. In fact it is also possible to set a program to be repeated once or on a multiple basis. The additional feature of detaching the remote control from the body gives it an additional marketing edge. With the remote it will be possible to operate the pump from a distance also in cases where it is not possible to access the pump, for example chinks and wells.

The aim of designing a product like Seed is to provide ultimate freedom to the user from everyday watering problems and it is no doubt that Mukomelov has succeeded in doing this. Seed is here to take care of all watering issues so that you can rest at ease.

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