BRD’s Full Motion Car Racing Simulator

Racing simulators aren’t new in terms of technology. The idea of a simulator generally isn’t very novel.

There are plenty of different simulators out there in video game format and for specialized training purposes. But what about simulators that provide full motion experience?

This is the BRD 06 Full Car Motion Simulator. Designed by BallRacing Developments, this simulator is capable of offering the most realistic racing experience to drivers. The simulator comes with realistic motion cues for pro racers, high quality and accurate detailing, high G-loading and velocity displacements and a complete turnkey system.
The simulation of movement comes from the platform constructed out of powdercoated steel, while the chassis is a carbon-fiber composite. The other features that come with this are the Pro-ST force feedback steering system (which makes steering a whole lot more fun and realistic), an F1 Style steering wheel (made with carbon fiber) which comes with an optional LCD screen, F1 style gear lever paddles, custom PC and three 24″ screens to give you an all-around simulated racing experience.
To top it off, the simulator comes with an intergrated 5.1 surround sound system, an adjustable pedal base for racers of all sizes (almost), carbon fiber reinforced Nomex F1 seat, padded cockpit headrest, and F1 show tires and wheels.
The experience on the whole is definitely meant to simulate the F1 racing experience. It comes with its own software so drivers don’t need to worry about compatibility issues, and it comes with a few optional items as well, such as a smoke machine to shoot up puffs of smoke when your tires are locked down. Other options include single or multiple projectors for a different experience, flight cases that are either partially or completely enclosed, and a range of bags and covers for the car.
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