Stormtrooper Helmet Inspired from Lost TV Series

There was a time, not long ago, when the world was divided into two groups: Star Wars fan and Star Wars non-fan. The epic space saga directed by George Lucas had a deep and ever-lasting impact on popular culture after it hit movie screens.

Numerous conventions dedicated to Star Wars began to take place and fan clubs started to spurt like mushrooms across America. The popularity of the movie is such that May 4 is celebrated as Star Wars Day.

The space age trilogy has also inspired art projects such as ‘The Vader Project’ where underground artists re-imagine the protective helmet of the dark lord, Darth Vader.  Close on the lines of The Vader Project is the TK Project.

The TK Project allows artists and designers to re-imagine and redesign the stormtrooper helmet. Artists include celebrities such as Tory Belleci (co-host of the Mythbusters). The project is actually a charity event for the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and donates all its proceedings to the non-profit organization.

Just because it is a charity event, it does not mean that artists cannot have fun with their designs. Amy Vatanakul, a precocious painter, has designed a storm trooper that draws inspiration from one of her favorite TV shows, Lost. Amy’s stormtrooper helmet depicts the first scene of the show when the plane breaks in half over the deserted island. The painter has effectively used shades of blue and green to capture the exotic feel of the desolated island.

The skull and face portion of the helmet is covered in sky blue with white fluffy clouds floating about. On the forehead is the image of the plane breaking in two, which is painted with a lot of details including flames bursting off the plane, grey smoke surrounding the plane and parts of the aircraft falling in the sky. The jaw line of the helmet is ocean blue in color, while the cheek part contains tropical mountains and the beach. Other motifs include yellow tents, the white and blue bus, and the seven grey pillars.

Amy’s brilliant artwork vividly recreates one of the pivotal moments of the TV show on one of the most important characters of the Star Wars universe, the stormtrooper.

Though it is storm trooper helmet, Lost fans may want to get their hands on this particular helmet as it features the signatures of JJ. Abrams, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof.

You can check out Amy’s Lost- inspired stormtrooper helmet at

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