23 Weird Vending Machines

More and more vending machines are making their ways into our cities, airports and even neighborhoods, and they are not just for mere snacks or drinks anymore. To show the variety of bizarre things that these machines offer, we gathered here 23 Weird Vending Machines that provide various products, food and even Gold. Some are actually pretty cool while others really weird, but in the end, I don’t see these machines going anywhere anytime soon.

Marijuana ATM

marijuana vending machine image 1

The Marijuana Vending Machine makes it a lot easier to get Medicinal Marijuana when the Doctor is not in. Two guards are always beside it, but in the end, it gives vacuum sealed Marijuana for those with proof to purchase.

Anger Release Machine

anger release vending machine image

Sometimes we are just looking for some kind of release, and the Anger Release Vending Machine aims to provide it. This machine sells little pieces of China just for the means of breaking them towards the release of stress, anger and other baggage. It seems like a Winning idea to me…unless someone just tips over the machine and breaks everything inside.

Car Sales

smart car vending machine 2

smart car vending machine 1

Here are two Vending Machines that sell Cars (or market so). The Smart Car one is a cool display in Tokyo that gives Pamphlets within a tube to those looking at one of the two offered models. The second is an actual Superstore Vending Machine that offers many different products that could be as small as a pen or as large as brand new Bentley. Of course, since the Bentley wouldn’t fit in the nifty bags you get when you make a purchase, a voucher for one will be given to give to the respective personnel.

bentley vending machine 1

bentley vending machine 2

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Bicycle Vending Machine

bicycle vending machine image

This cool vending machine dispenses Bikes that are tagged with RFid, that may be picked up at one spot and dropped off at a different machine somewhere else.

Source 1

Gold Vending Machine

gold vending machine image 1

For those interested in a Golden prize, this vending machine allows you to buy it by piece. The Gold Vending machine provides authenticated Gold pieces for different purchase amounts. In order to avoid Money Laundering, it also has a limit of 3 purchases a day. And for purchase over €1000, it would need to scan a User’s ID.

gold vending machine image 2

gold vending machine image 3

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Live Insects

live insects vending machine

This vending machine provides Live Insects at a push of a button. I guess if you are in a real fix, this machine really grants a quick remedy.

Image: hypnoskull

Live Bait

live bait vending machine image

This vending machine doesn’t really seem so weird when you think of the popularity of Fishing. It just makes it easier for Fishermen to get the needed bait at ALL times.

Image: kellyhafermann

Shoe Concept Machine

shoe vending machine image

Although just a concept, I guess many were always looking for easier ways to buy shoes. Lo and Behold, perhaps a new vending machine will make it to your city and make it easier to get yourself a new pair.

Source 1


proactive vending machine image

I guess when you need a solution, ProActive gives a convenient one straight from a machine.

Image: Hessicah

Umbrellas and Cameras

umbrella and camera vending machine image

A cool vending machine that seems to be directed at tourists, who forgot their cameras in their Hotel or were caught in the rain by surprise.

Image: nicolasnova

Strawberry Machine

fresh strawberries vending machine image

It may not be as weird as Live Insects, but it is still pretty weird that you can buy fresh strawberries from an actual Vending Machine.

Image: hypnoskull

Pizza and Fries

pizza vending machine image

Now where in the world would you be able to buy Pizza or Fries from a vending machine and not have a ‘real’ Fast Food alternative for it really close by?

french fries vending machine image

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Ties and Panties

tie vending machine image

Ties or Panties also offered in a Vending machine? I wonder if people would notice they are from a machine.

panties vending machine image

Images: westius and { theinfonaut }

Canned Bread

bread vending machine image

I don’t know what is stranger: that Bread is sold in a Can, or that it can be bought at a Vending Machine.

Image: theCelestrian

Egg Vending Machine

egg vending machine image

I wonder if these eggs are as fresh as the Strawberries.

Images: aksavarna

Milk Vending Machine

milk vending machine image

I simply don’t know why they don’t also offer cookies in that same machine. It is kind of a given, isn’t it?

milk vending machine image 2

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Bonus: Fun Vending Machines

Coke Robot

coke robot vending machine image

The Coke Robot is also a walking vending machine that brings the drink to you.

coke robot vending machine image 2

Vending Machine Camouflage

camouflage vending machine image 1

This is not a machine that sells stuff but an actual camouflage costume of a Vending Machine.

camouflage vending machine image 2

camouflage vending machine image 3

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