Eco – A Super Foldable Bicycle

When going out on a picnic you would surely want to carry your bicycle along with you. If your vehicle is too small to accommodate a bicycle you would have to compromise and go without it. If you have a large vehicle – well and good.  But, when transporting a bicycle from one place to another you might discover minor damages have occured. What do you do? You want to take the cycle along but cannot bear to see it getting damaged.

Mexican industrial designer Victor M Aleman has an answer to all your worries. His answer comes in the form of a new age bicycle named Eco. On first glance, Eco looks like any other bicycle that you come across everyday. However, on taking a closer look, you’ll realize the immense differences in comparison to a traditional bike. The most important aspect of this bicycle is the fact that even its wheels can be completely dismantled and packed away when transporting or not in use. This not only saves space but also keeps the bicycle safe.

Folding away the various parts of an ordinary cycle is not difficult, but the real challenge comes in packing the wheels. Eco has no such problem. Each of its wheels is composed of six modules. The joint of every module has a double pivot which gives you the freedom to dismantle the wheels. Both ends of all six modules support a spoke, which in turn, is joined to the center of the wheel. When dismantled, the curved shape of all spokes allows them to be settled inside the rim of the wheel. A full circle wheel soon takes the shape of six arches that can easily be stacked, one on top of the other.

Dismantling the rest of the bicycle is a smooth process. The triangular section comprises of expandable parts, so each one can be collapsed into a smaller size. This will, in turn, enable safe packing of all the parts of the bicycle.

Bit by bit you will have your entire environment friendly two-wheeler in pieces. All you need to do now is pack it away in a large container. While packing, make sure you include some sort of shock-absorbing material stashed within the parts. This will prevent any scratches and discoloring of parts caused by their rubbing against each other.

Times are changing and space per person is shrinking. Having a ‘collapsible’ bike is a greatly needed convenience.

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