Steampunk Monorail where the Past and Future meet

This Steampunk Monorail brings together the best bits of science fiction and science facts. This is a highly detailed Steampunk model train set with a difference, bringing a Jules Verne-esque take to the modern bullet train.

I never quite got the attraction to model trains. I love trains as much as the next man but my taste in models is a bit more extravagant than steam-powered dinosaurs chugging around a table that has been painstakingly matched to the real life scenery on the train’s journey. *Yawn* I prefer some excitement where my models are concerned. Until now, almost all my love for modelling  has been reserved for Japanese Mecha and other hi-tech weaponry. Practical and deadly — everything anyone would want in a model until, I saw this Steampunk Monorail setup.

This Steampunk Monorail, is all flash and dazzle; combining the super modern and super cool. Perhaps this will be the primary form of transportation for a future incarnation of Jack the Ripper come 2060 or thereabouts. There is much of this model that shouts out to the future we’re rushing, a future where old power will fuel new technology.

Steam Punk Monorail

This is the autonomous monorail people mover that evokes the steam-powered fantasy of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells.

The entire setup is made up of 550 pieces and can be constructed into one of three standard configurations. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the artist within you and construct any version of the future of transport you can imagine. The monorail locomotive comes with a working light and the coach and locomotive are styled with characteristic Steampunk cogs, portholes, rivets, and visible gears. Authentically reminiscent of the views of the future shared by early science fiction writers like Jules Verne. The entire track is elevated and can run as long as 20 looping feet over a 25’ sq. area and a traction tape is included to allow the locomotive and coach to climb gradients of up to 30 degrees.

This is the perfect medicine for any train, science fiction or Steampunk aficionado. This would look awesome as a permanent feature in your front room (if you can convince the girlfriend). But perhaps, I would have liked a bit more character and aged look in the design of the track.

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