TAT-Tris Modular Seating Brings Tetris to Life

You know, I find it funny that this Tetris-inspired modular seating concept is actually built for children. Created by a Singaporean designer Gaen Koh, the idea here is to help kids “work together” and “develop critical thinking skills” to build different structures.

That sounds like a really fancy way of saying “These things are fun!” Besides, let’s not limit it to kids, I’d be more than happy to get in touch with my inner child and start throwing giant tetris blocks around, wouldn’t you?

As the manufacturer points out, kids don’t really like to sit still. Let’s face it, no one wants to sit around and do nothing (I think this applies to adults, too). So naturally, instead of doing nothing, why not give them some seating they can actually play with. Well, it sure beats the crap out of turning them into slavering TV zombies by turning on Blues Clues for the 9000th time.

If Tetris furniture seems like something you’ve seen before, well it is. We’ve seen a number of Tetris Tables here on Walyou, for example. We also have some decorative Tetris blocks as well, if you’re looking for a Tetris motif for your home or apartment.

Via:  Design Milk