Origami Napkins are Attractive but Lack Elegance

You’ll agree that we all have, at some point in our lives, been fascinated and a little intimidated by the art of Origami. An age-old folk tradition of Japan, Origami, basically involves the folding of a sheet of paper to form beautiful sculpture.

Though it may look splendid, the expertise required to finish a sculpture can take days to acquire. No wonder then, that most of us are content with just looking at a beautiful piece rather than attempting to make one.

While paper does seem to be the popular choice when it comes to Origami, many fancy restaurants have made napkin-origami quite fashionable. The lovely swans and delightful fan-shaped napkins attract both the eyes and the minds. Sometimes they are so beautiful that you hesitate to use the napkin, lest you spoil the decoration! You may marvel at the origami napkins at a restaurant but your own dining table will happen to evade the pleasure of one. Well, not anymore.

Origami napkins are here to show you what a royal dinner might feel like if you had one of those beautifully decorated tables in the comfort of your home. With its easy-to-follow directions and elegant designs, Origami Napkin will soon become the reason for a fine dining spree every night.

This napkin comes with four designs which have different skill levels and you may find it easier to master the skill gradually with practice. The four designs include The Flapping Bird, The Jester Boot, The Bird of Paradise, and The Polo Shirt. There is no separate instructions manual as the instructions to be followed are clearly mentioned on the napkin itself. All you have to do is to follow the order provided in the instructions to finish the origami design. The napkins come in a set of 40, with ten for each design, having 6.75” dimensions and is available at $8.99.

But as novel as the idea seems to be, its use in our day-to-day lives is very limited. The designs are likable but lack the class and elegance of those kept on restaurant tables. More than a piece for a fine dinner table, it looks more like a thing for child’s play. The origami napkin may make the art of Origami look easier, but it sure lacks the elegance of those resplendent swan napkins placed on the table of that expensive restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit.

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