Bufalino camper could make your life easy

Have you ever thought of spending your life in a camper? If not you might love owning a ‘Bufalino’.  ‘Bufalino is an amazing work by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns.bufalino

It is an awesome small camper which offers all the facilities a traveler could ask for.  The product Bufalino camper could easily be converted into your dream bedroom also apart from a workplace. After carefully looking into the camper one can remain awestruck to know as to how it is possible that such a small Bufalino camper could offer amazing immense facilities.


According to its designer, one of the aims of coming up with this sort of camper was to showcase people about the better understanding of the country, its surroundings, and about the range they were able to travel. This traveling vehicle offer facilities as that of a base camp and spending life easy while on the go.


Looking inside the Bufalino camper, there is a provision for one bed, a small kitchen with basin, tow seating units, a small fridge, a water tank with 4-shelf storage space and whatnot.  As of now there is no mention about solar panel in this camper.


If it is equipped with one it could help in generating power for devices like light system, laptop, fridge etc. The design of the camper is based on existing Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled light transport vehicle. Its frame, the chassis, and engine are taken from the original model. The small vehicle has an edge over other vehicles in its range as far as fuel efficiency is concerned. Other amazing product includes Guitar boat and keyboard shoe

Via : Designboom