Jon Stewart Joins the Dark Side With His Own Action Figure

Jon Stewart has joined the Dark Side, at least as an action figure.  As a gigantic token of appreciation for hosting Star Wars Celebration V, Hasbro has issued the “Stewart Trooper” to the comedian.

And really, what’s more recognizably Star Wars than a Storm Trooper?  George Lucas presented a 3.75-inch figure to Stewart at Celebration V.  If you ever wondered what Storm Troopers really look like under that bubbled helmet, now you’ll know that at least one of them is Jon Stewart.  The figure has a detachable helmet as well as two different Jon Stewart “heads” – one with a goatee and one without.   The comedian looks pretty friendly and slender as a Storm Trooper – perhaps they should have given him a little bit of a scowl?  But it does make me wonder if he comes with a blaster or a microphone.

The figure itself is bound to be referenced at least a few times on the Daily Show, which Stewart hosts.  What suprises me most is that Jon Stewart made the successful transfer from the Daily Show to Celebration V.  I never really thought of Stewart as a Star Wars fan, but maybe he’s been sucked into it.  Who knows, he may actually be Luke’s step-brother or distant cousin or something like that.   I’d always thought that comedians would be part of the Rebel Alliance, since Old Man Vader never seemed to have too much of a sense of humor.

For Star Wars fans this should rank up with other cool Storm Trooper related goodness, like the cutest Storm Trooper Ever and the video At-At-Afternoon.   The Stewart Trooper is a limited edition issued by Hasbro, and it’s unclear how many were actually produced and/or if they’ll be available for regular consumers.  On the brighter side, I’d say that Stewart has his Halloween outfit all picked out for him.

Via: Asylum