Steampunk Proton Packs ye Olde Ghostbusting

This gentleman is not taking any chances where ghost busting is concerned. This Steampunk proton pack was produced for Comic-Con and is one of the finest examples of Ghostbusting Steampunk I’ve ever seen.

1984 was not a year for half measures. George Orwell many many years before was of the opinion that come 1984; we’d be under constant surveillance by the government and our personal freedom a distant memory. We weren’t quite there in 1984, the year Scarlett Johansson was born, oh how we love Scarlett.  The Apple Macintosh was released in 1984, putting into motion a chain of events that would see Steve Jobs come and go as head of Apple more times than I watched Lost in Translation. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg took his first breath in the planet. Yes the Facebook gentleman, the one who many would have you believe is stripping the world of its freedoms. Ushering in a new George Orwellian 1984 (what an interesting coincidence that is) not run by the government but a commercial Big Brother. In possession of our history and manipulating our future with the wealth of information in its possession, or perhaps I’m just being an alarmist.

Steampunk Proton Pack

Even if Mark Zuckerberg does become the real Big Brother. Even if he’s the reason we end up enslaved by the machines, the most important event of 1984 will always, undoubtedly be the release and enormous success of Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters huge success can be attributed to the witty dialogue and compellingly unique take on the paranormal. Ghostbusters mostly tongue-in-cheek and always irreverent look at ghosts looked the somewhat stale Hollywood box-office in the face, and promptly spit in its eye. Ghostbusters, blew the lid open and made room for less typical Hollywood movies and almost as importantly less typical leading men to begin making their appearance in Hollywood.

Steampunk Proton Pack

This Steampunk proton pack from Mighty Selbor is great throw back to the movies, with the overall form resembling the examples from the movie much more closely than any other example I’ve seen. The key to good Steampunk designs is to remember that Steampunk is by its very nature utilitarian. Every part of the design must be functional (or at least look functional) There are way to many “Steampunk” attempts out there that are essentially modern designs covered in copper plate and pipes with some lighting. Real Steampunk needs to be a coherent collection of pieces that make up a greater whole. This great design unlike a few other Steampunk proton packs I’ve seen via Google looks to be the real deal, cyclotron and all. This is the pack for you if you’re looking to initiate some controlled nuclear reactions while on the go.