Bath Bomb: For The Truly Tough Man

On the outside, you are the tough, manly, burly, uber male. You sport a rugged look with an unshaven stubble and uncombed hair. Your most treasured possession is your chest hair, and you never get why men shave it off. Your daily ride is a special edition Harley Softail Heritage Classic. Three times a week you get down and dirty with a game of bone crunching rugby. On weekends, you and the boys go out for your weekly dose of beer and fun.

You are proud of bearing the image of a noble savage, something that women find immensely interesting. But on the inside, you love to pamper yourself with pedicures, manicures, and visits to the neighborhood spa. After a hard day of being a man, you just love to slide in a bathtub of hot water that has fragrance and fizz to it. Your other most treasured possession is your collection of bath bombs that you use for your special evening bath.

All this is top secret because you do not want your mates going “What a girl!” With Aleksander Mukomelov’s innovative design, you no longer have to hide your softer side – at least as far as your bath is concerned.

Mukomelov’s impressive design is sure to appeal to your tough guy ego. It’s an all black, spherical bath bomb container, shaped like a land mine ball with rubber spikes. The bath bomb container is attached to a bath stopper of similar color. The edgy looking bath bomb container is imaginatively titled ‘Bath’s Bomb’ adding new meaning to the concept of bath bombs.

The concept is very simple: place your bath bomb inside the spherical container, plug the stopper to the outlet of your tub, fill the tub with water and simply sink in to bliss. The spherical, spiked container floats in your tub releasing the soothing ingredients of your bath bomb through the needle-holed spikes. You would never have had a more relaxing end of the day bath.

With the Bath’s Bomb, you can finally come out to your mates on how you enjoy a truly manly bath complete with action and danger. And when they ask how, you can proudly show off the spiked bath bomb container. Though you may want to skip the details of what’s inside it.

Bath’s Bomb also helps you to show your softer side to your girlfriend or wife without compromising on the macho image. It’s a win-win situation. For all the tough guys out there who like to indulge a little, the Bath’s Bomb is definitely worth a try.

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