PlayStation Controller Coffee Table – For the True Gamers!

So you have more than 10 PlayStation controllers, lots of DVDs, and 2 or more consoles but that still has not satisfied your gaming urge? Ah don’t worry here’s the solution to it.

How about buying this PlayStation Controller Coffee Table so that whenever you get tired playing you can have your coffee here and satisfy your urge?

The table can even motivate you to play more by doing nothing. Yup that’s the whole idea. When you have a huge controller right in front of you which does nothing, wouldn’t you feel like actually doing something with it? And the very next thing you will do is to jump on your couch, get hold of the real controller and start slashing those zombies!

Although I am not addicted to gaming thankfully, I love the concept of this table. I won’t buy it for myself but my younger fellas who are into gaming, this table is just perfect. Oh but I won’t make it as their studying table. I wonder what effect it will have on kids while they are doing their homework on it. Well it would definitely have a negative effect so let’s just say it’s the perfect coffee table for now and nothing else.

After 20 weeks of hard work and dedication Mark M (from Australia) was able to make his brainchild tangible. And see what we get… one of the best tables we have seen this year. Fun, beautiful, and unique – isn’t that all of us want? Sure we all do!

About the table:

The table was made as an Industrial Technology project out of plywood, veneer on veneer, and MDF. The construction though looks solid, we can’t really say how resistant it is to scratches and damages. But for sure if you are buying such a pretty and expensive table (although we don’t know when it will be out for sale) you have to take care of it well or else it won’t be justice.

Bottom line:

The table is awesome for anyone who wants a change in life. For gamers it’s probably the best way of making sure that the gamer’s night is filled with excitement and fun. All hail to Mark M!

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