18 Creative Calendar Designs

Whether we like to be organized or not, Calendars are rather a necessary thing that is seen every day in many different versions. Whether it is on your cellphone, wristwatch or on your office wall, Calendars cannot be hidden from and they will continue to be.

In this collection we gathered 18 Creative Calendar designs which add a little extra for the boring calendars we see every day. Who knows, perhaps some of these Calendar designs may even entice a few towards actually using them.

Calendar Matches

creative calendar design matches image 1

A great Matches calendar design which utilizes individual matches for each separate day. As soon as the day is done, you can simply light it up like it was yesterday.

creative calendar design matches image 2

Camera Lens Calendar

creative calendar design camera lens image

This Camera Lens Calendar is perfect for the photographer in you, who is looking for a creative yet inspirational way to keep track of the date.

Bubble Wrap

creative calendar design bubble wrap image

It would be great to end each day with a Pop and with the Bubble Wrap Calendar, it would be even more fun.

Scratchers Calendar

creative calendar design scratchers image

Another easy and fun way to keep track of the day is introduced with the Scratchers Calendar. As each day passes, simply scratch it off the Month.

Puzzle Calendar

creative calendar design puzzle game image

Looking like those old puzzles we used to play, the Puzzle Calendar gives an added twist to knowing what day it is.

Bamboo Calendar and Clock

creative calendar design bamboo gadget image

A great mix of Gadgets, Calendars and Bamboo which ends up providing a cool looking design many would appreciate.

Pencil Calendar

creative calendar design colored pencils image

This is not to write down that dates but provide a way to keep track by colorful pencils. Each color represents a different month, and as you continue using it, it slowly goes through the printed days.

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Refrigerator Magnet Calendar

creative calendar design refrigerator magnets image 1

These refrigerator Calendar magnets from Serhiy Chebotaryov provide you all the months in one set, for you can always rearrange it any way needed. Furthermore, some cool additional magnets are added to keep track of important things, such as Flights, Dinners and more.

creative calendar design refrigerator magnets image 2

Office Calendar

creative calendar design wooden office calendar image 2

The Wooden Office Calendar by Qaaim Goodwin gives a simple Calendar that can be changed with a flip of a Wooden card. In turn, you have the date in plain sight.

creative calendar design wooden office calendar image 1

Connect the Dots Calendar

creative calendar design connect the dots image 1

The Connect the Dots Calendar is another creative design that looks great but may not be as practical. It kinds of makes it that you have to wait 30 days to finish an entire picture. With only 28-31 dots in a picture…who would have the patience to wait so long for an image?

Source 1

Fold Out Accordion Calendar

creative calendar design fold out accordion image

You do not have to be an accordion player to appreciate the Papercraft calendar design here. Just like a simple fold out version but with added art.

creative calendar design fold out accordion image 2

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Stokkeaustad Calendar

creative calendar design Stokkeaustad Calendar image

This Calendar is created with tiny pieces of paper with individual dates on each and a colorful result.

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This Calendar Rules

creative calendar design ruler image

A cool Ruler Calendar by Fatih Baltas simply has the dates printed instead of distance measurements.

Lego Bricks Calendar

creative calendar design lego bricks image 1

The Lego Puzzle Calendar gives a little bit more freedom to the user by allowing you to design your calendar as you would with any Lego toy.

Source 1

Manual Calendar Design

creative calendar design manual image

It may require manual work every day, but the actual cubes and colorful months make for a great design.

Image: DarthMurda

Circle Calendar

creative calendar design circle image

Artist Dylan Sultzer uses a circle for its relation with time. The simple 3D look also maintains an easy visual on the current month (between the two stands).

14 Days

creative calendar design 14 days image 1

This is a 14 Day Calendar by Jonathan Russell that is used by flipping the blades down after a day has passed, and thus keeping track of days.

Day Bracelet

creative calendar design today bracelet image

Titled the “Today is….Bangle”, artist Petula Fung offers a minimalistic bracelet that gives a simple method to know what day it is.