Batman and Robin Shoe Designs

There are times when you are casually flipping a channel or reading a comic book when – BAM– you suddenly feel the need to know every detail in the story line and the history behind every character and every object. Alongside this need, there would also be a need to buy every accessory, action figure, or anything even remotely related to the particular story you’ve become attached to.

Batman shoe

These Geeky running shoes are perfect for those people who have encountered the situation above. The most obvious reason is that it is Batman merchandise. However, taking it further, when a series like Batman becomes such a huge hit, there is a high chance that they would continue to make more and more episodes. As this happens more manipulation occurs in the story and as a result of that, the original series becomes more valuable to the fans.

Even though these designs are new, they are based on the costumes worn by Batman and Robin earlier on. The shoes fit perfectly the characters they are representing. Batman has dull grays and blacks, with a hint of yellow that is also dull, allowing him to be the dark and mysterious figure. While Robin has his old colours of bright green, red, and yellow before it was changed in the 90’s live action movie.

Robin's Shoe

The great thing about the shoes is that they’re not subtle. It does cater to a fan-based audience; those who love the older series a lot more than the new. However, it does not exclude the rest of the world. Batman’s sign and his colours are pretty universal. The Robin shoes do not have that advantage, though it is blatantly obvious that the shoes belong to Robin when they are placed next to Batman’s. If one were to separate them, that might not be the case. Despite that, the shoe still looks amazing, and that doesn’t take away its selling capability.

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Via: Brass Monki