Galactus: Cellphone Watch with Video Camera & Media player

Chinese products have an upper edge in the worldwide market.  In the recent past, some of its products had become some rage; the latest entrant to this category is the Galactus – a unique gadget which is a combination of the best multimedia stuff around. Galactus Cellphone

For example, this is a prestigious high quality mobile phone which can easily fit on your wrist and act like a watch.  All you have to do is stick in a SIM card and use it like a mobile phone.  This gadget is an amalgamation of a watch, video player, a bit of DV camera, digital audio and video player and more. The best part of this rare gadget is that it contains high quality touch screen LCD display along with virtual keypad and quick dialing facility, so you can text anything while moving around. This product also contains high quality quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz). While further digging on this product, I came to know that this gadget also has a Bluetooth headset. The Galactus runs for $129.

The other invisible products this Galactus cellphone watch contain are digital still and video camera.  Thus, it could act as your spy watch along. You can easily take photographs and videos on the go through it. Wait, there is more to Galactus cellphone. Now you don’t have to worry taking your mp3/mp4 player or iPod as you move. This awesome mobile phone wrist watch could play audio files and could work as an e-book reader as well. Other such rare stuff include solar powered Media Player – and TokyoFlash Sport Mode .