Cute Hanger Shaped Tea Bags for Your Morning Tea

A cup of morning tea is all it takes to make a day. The sound of the boiling water falling into your cups, and the color which blends into the water when you put your tea-bag in it is just heavenly. Casually tossing over the tea-bag in the trash, you continue to enjoy your tea.

Now nobody pays attention to the tea-bag. It’s only work is to dissolve the tea leaves and make its way to the waste bin. And why would anyone give any more attention to it that it deserves? After all it’s just a small pack filled with tea leaves which is attached by a string, all in all, a very boring thing to look at. Well Soon Mo Kang thought so too until she went ahead and became the traditional tea-bag’s only savior.

Kang’s newest concept is aptly called the Hanger Tea. It is a tea bag aright, but that is where it’s similarity to its older counterpart ends. The tea bag in this case is designed in the shape of a shirt ( a T-shirt to be exact!) and is firmly attached to a mini hanger made of paper which is where you hold it from when you dip the bag in your morning cuppa. And the novelty doesn’t end just here. These cute little t-shirt tea bags come hanging in their very own wardrobe and you can hang the tea-bags with the help of the hangers on the side of your cup.

A very novel and might I add immensely cute concept from Soon Mo Kang, is bound to hit the right note with tea lovers across the world because of its advantages over the old fashioned tea-bags. The thread strings on the traditional tea-bags always have a disadvantage of breaking, which often follows the messy part of getting out the immersed tea bags from the cup. This is where the Hanger Tea wins over with its sturdy design, where chances of breaking are almost nil.

Though its novelty is limited to its design the hanger tea still wins the brownie points as it has the elements of both utility and presentation. There’s a perfect blend of both taste and eye-candy for all the tea lovers right there!

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