Fiat EYE – A compact personal vehicle for an easy ride on city-roads

With the increasing urbanization and technological advancements, city roads have become so crowded that driving on them often gives one jitters. If you belong to this pack, breathe easy for the answer is here in the form of Fiat EYE.


Thanks to the creativity of Dinard da Mata – the Brazilian designer who built this compact personal vehicle for the Fiat using Segway technology, you can now enjoy a swift, stable, and sustainable ride on city-roads


This gyroscopically balanced vehicle runs on an electric propulsion system, and comes packed with control software and sensor technology to help the rider have total control while driving.


Thanks to the biometric reading sensors and voice command enabled in it, the rider no longer needs to sit at the wheels and maneuver the movement on roads. Rather, he or she can just sit back and use the personal mobility concept to reach the desired destination while enjoying a clear view of the surroundings.


From opening the door like that of a fighter jet’s cockpit to shifting gears, this futuristic vehicle can do all the tasks based on verbal commands that the driver gives. So, you can hope to enjoy a hassle-free ride with the Fiat EYE.


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Via: theDesignBlog