Want to Relive Your Childhood? Drive the Lego Car!

Isn’t it always amusing to see things from the past coming to life? Sure it is and it’s more delightful when those things become more practical. Yup I am referring to the Lego car show in the pictures below.

Although it’s not very appealing, it certainly can cheer you up for a while. To me it looks like more of an ice-cream van covered with Lego blocks which makes me wonder whether or not you can do the same with a Ferrari or a Porsche? Wouldn’t that be just the best thing you could ever do? Relive your childhood fantasies of building up a Lego car especially one that you can actually drive. And that just got me to tickle right away.

I am actually thinking what a pleasure it would to be seated in this car just for once. See how people observe you driving a Lego car and feel like a kid once again. Oh I imagine those looks people give you as if thinking: ‘Man, he’s so childish!’ I sure am and there’s nothing wrong to be one. After all we want to go back in time, don’t we?

The pictures of this Lego car were uploaded by Melle on her blog. Thank you Melle, you’ve given me another reason to smile. Considering it a sample Lego car is good enough but I personally feel the designer could have done a better job. There are some very obvious points which instantly make you realize that it’s just another car covered with Lego blocks. Maybe I am wrong or just maybe it’s a designer car specially built by Lego blocks. Is that possible?

I am guessing it’s a classic mini cooper under those Lego blocks, isn’t it? Well it looks like one. Okay I’ll stop guessing now and leave you to it. Apart from everything else, I think the car is a great piece of artwork and we should appreciate the designer for it. Whether he took it out on the purpose to grab out attention or he just alikes driving a Lego car, the job done is superb. So a big round of applause for Melle and the unknown designer!

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