Rich Roland’s Neon Guitars For Colorful Tunes

If you have a hobby of playing guitars, then you must have a look at the Neon Guitar; something that surely is worth-grabbing all the attention. Designer Rich Roland deserves applaud for sure as it is his idea that has taken the form of a Neon Guitar.

Neon Guitar

The best part is that you cannot find him practicing any kind of compromise with the design and quality of the materials used. It was actually for the 1991 NAMM show when this guitar was first created as a sample and today it is again in the news. This handcrafted guitar is fully playable and features 24 3/4 scale. Some other notable factors about this guitar are the neck and fingerboard made of carbon graphite and a 1/4 inch jack. It sports a Seymour Duncan Active Pickup and is compatible with 120v/12v power converter only.

There is, however, another guitar in the row and this one too, the Neon Lizard Guitar, carries equal capacity to woo and win its spectators. However, there is a noticeable difference between the two guitars as the latter comes studded with a dazzling neon lizard on it. The specialty of these guitars, that have outstood as the USP of these instruments is that its colors change with the tunes played on these. As these have sound-sensitive light organs built in these, it’s easy for the guitars to react to the tunes played. So, that means it will not only be worth listening to but a must-see as well!

Neon Lizard Guitar

The reason for Rich being so minute and skilled in the making of this Neon Guitar, fostering it with such smooth a design and finely tuned, is that he himself is an artist. Being a skilled artist cum designer, he has been honored with awards for his previous work. Currently working with the NEO Products Inc., Rich is expected to introduce further more interesting and brilliant musical instruments of same kind after the Neon Guitar is introduced.

The Neon Guitar is  priced at $10,000 and the Neon Lizard Guitar costs a little more than the former one, i.e., $15,000. Well, if you really think that a hole in your pocket for your love of music is worth it, then these two neon guitars will be the best and worth-flaunting a purchase.

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Via: Bornrich