Stunning Works Of Art Made From Empty Ink Cartridges

The people over at Ink & Media gave artist Faith Pearson empty ink cartridges which they were throwing away, not knowing if she could do anything with them. But she was able to “recycle” them by turning the ink cartridges into works of art!

The former Ink Cartridge owners were totally blown away; not in their wildest dreams could they have imagined the pieces of garbage being transformed into scenes from famous Sci Fi movies, including those from Godzilla, King Kong, and Star Trek, to give a few examples.

We can definitely say that these ink cartridges printed where no ink cartridge ever printed before. And by looking at the details she went into creating these tiny masterpieces, you’ll find them futuristic and witty. In this fast-paced world we live in, we often take for granted many materials that can be recycled, or in this case – transformed into artworks.

ink c art main

The most impressive piece by far (and my personal favorite) is the replica of the Star Ship USS Enterprise. It may seem like the NCC-1701, but judging by the docking bay detail, I’d go so far as to say it is the NCC-1701-A or -C. Let’s hope though that the ink cartridge version won’t be destroyed while defending the Klingon outpost…

ink c art..

The Cyan and Black Ink Cartridges were used to make this space tunnel look like a scene from Battlestar Galactica. Other options that spring to mind include Star Wars and Star Gate. The model looks suspiciously like the half Goa’uld/half-human Hybrid Sokar created to destroy earth…

ink c art two

Bright orange, pink, and blue empty ink cartridges were used to portray the famous scene featuring King Kong on the Empire State Building. I think the splashes of bright color contrast perfectly with the greyness of the building.

ink c art four

Night at the Theater was made of approximately 120 cartridges or a lot more. Some of the lovely folks who showed up at the movies include Bruce Banner, or should I say The Incredible Hulk. I also see Captain America, The Aqua Man, Spiderman, and Superman. On the other side you’ll find Batman, Robin, The Green Goblin, and The Joker. Is that the Penguin at the far right?

ink c art five

Last but by no means the least on the display, we see Godzilla invading downtown Japan. Faith Pearson really outdid herself with this project and has truly raised the bar higher for other aspiring artists. Some other artistic finds out there include A Darth Vader T-Shirt and A Super Foldable Bicycle.

Via io9