Mario T-Shirt Concept Sports the ‘Stache

I have seen a lot of Mario clothing in my day.  I mean who doesn’t want their beloved video game character all over their articles  of clothing?

This Mario T-shirt concept,  though, goes well beyond the call of duty.  This piece is so authentic in fact, it even sports the classic Mario mustache (is that thing copyrighted? ‘Cause it should be!).

Looking at our favorite reviewers, the anonymous commenting public, results are not favorable: “I think I’d have to punch anyone I saw wearing this awful bloody shirt.” Also: “Maybe it’s just me, but it sort of looks to me like this shirt would sit in such a way that the mustache would be right over a dude’s junk.” I’d keep this in mind for your next Halloween party maybe, but the latter has a point. That mustache might be just a little “too” low.

If you’d like some Mario gear that’s a little less suggestive, might I suggest a more classic Mario papercraft. Or if you’d like to stick to a more Macabre theme, there’s this Mario comic based on the shining.

SniderSwinagainVia: The Daily What