EdgeStar Mini Keg Dispenser For The Beer-o-holic

You own the biggest plasma screen in the neighborhood; have the best music system installed at your place; and your preferred side is winning in the ongoing football match.

What more do you need other than a mini bar to transform your living room into a full-fledged sports bar. If such is your case, then behold, the EdgeStar Mini Keg dispenser is here to make your day.

EdgeStar Mini Keg Dispenser For The Beer-o-holic

Presenting the EdgeStar Mini Keg Dispenser, a party saver which ensures that you could make do without a slothful bartender. It keeps your beer chilled, and makes sure you get all that fizz when it dispenses the beer from your 5-litre pressurized mini kegs. The kegerator, by default, can lodge a Heineken mini keg; but, if you are a part of the legion that prefers beers other than the old school Heineken light, then no worries, since, the insides are adjustable enough to fit in any standard sized 5-litre mini cask. The dispenser has electric controls which maintain the beer at a preset temperature. Your to-be-new best friend has some sizzling looks with black and silver chrome finishing and a fiberglass opening in the front to view the brand of your favorite beer.

For $159 this one is a kill for such a cool gadget, what say? Beer-o-holics could surely spare some time and take a look at the Beer Monitor app for the iPad, which would help them stay in control and the Bird of Prey bottle opener, which is just another wine opener in a fancy avatar.

Via: The Awesomer