Battery Boost: A Great Portable Mobile Charger

Our phones, music players, and computers have all gone the way of mobile technology. Gadgets have reduced in size and increased in ease of portability.

This allows us to carry our phones, players, and computers right in our pockets. With our mobile gadgets allowing us to stay connected anytime anywhere, the lithium battery that powers the device is, perhaps, the most important part of a mobile gadget.

If the battery of a mobile phone were to run out of power, we would not be able to use it. Since the battery is an important component, battery chargers are essential accessories as well. Without charging a mobile gadget on a daily basis, the battery would definitely run out of power.

It can be cumbersome to ‘lug’ your battery charger everywhere you go. At the same time, you never know when your gadget may run out of power. You may be attending an important phone call when the battery runs out.

For all you people addicted to mobile phones and music players, Technocel has a mobile recharging solution that one could carry around as easily as their other gadgets.

The Battery Boost by Technocel is a portable battery pack that will charge anything that has a lithium battery. A lithium battery powers every mobile gadget out there in the market today. This means that the battery boost can be used as handy portable recharger for all your mobile gadgets.

Shaped like a cylindrical bell, Battery Boost is a handy battery pack that will charge your mobile phone, mp3 player, digital cameras, and Bluetooth headsets. It has a 600-mAh lithium ion battery that can recharge your device for up to one hour of additional usage. The portable battery pack has a micro-USB connector that connects to your mobile device and allows you to use the device if the battery is running low.

You will be pleased to know that the Battery Boost is not just a portable charger; it also doubles as an efficient memory stick. Inside its retractable USB connector is a slot where you can slide in a micro SD card. This feature enables you to transfer data files to the portable charger.

Battery Boost can be charged via any USB port. It has a power button and a battery indicator that will let you know the status of its battery. Due to its miniature size, it can be carried around anywhere.

This portable charger is an ideal accessory for the mobile generation.

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Via: Technocel