R2D2: Graffiti Droid

This is the droid that went rogue – spray painting the inside of the Death Star with Princess Leia stencils.  It all just makes so much sense.

The R2D2 graffiti droid picture by SketchBoy is what R2D2 would be doing if he spent too much time with British artist Banksy.  Banksy is famous for his stencil graffiti, which often has a political-bent.  We already know that the R2 unit has a particular knack for getting into trouble.  Who knows, maybe he put C3PO on look out.

It’s not too surpising either, since R2 has all those little gadgets stocked away inside his spray can inspired frame.   It’s almost like the little guy is made to resemble a spray can.  I can see him now, rolling through the Death Star stenciling Rebel Alliance logos on bathroom doors.

We know that he can project holograms – and that in itself is pretty darn cool.  But spray paint stencils?  Way more punk rock.  In fact, you can see from the image that the artist has even planted a little spray nozzle on the top of the droid.  I hope that this makes it onto a T-shirt or a bumper sticker.

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