Tokyoflash Breaking Glass Watch Calls the Thunder

I never ceased to be amazed by the fun and quirky watch designs we find inTokyoflash. From a cryptic language watch I still can’t understand to the more conventional circular design watch, there’s always fun stuff to be had.

This “Breaking Glass” concept watch, for example, has a blue LED touch screen display. Once you touch it, the watch is initiated and the real show begins.

So here’s the skinny. Five minute groups are down on the outer edge of the display. Single minutes (1-4) are shown in four groups in between the hour lines. Three lines indicates one minute. Confused yet? You will be.

As with other Tokyoflash watches, they were kind enough to give us a more visual example of what different times represent. It also shows us the various meanings of the lines. See the little squiggly 5 minutes on the edge? How about the jagged hour lines? I think this watch might be a “little” too busy for the average person, especially if you’re a runner trying to figure out your time while hitting the next marathon. Just saying.

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