18 Cool Coffee Machines

An immaculately brewed coffee provides a perfect start for the day, rejuvenating one’s vigor and vigilance. However, everyday getting up to the same dull coffee machine that creates your brew might nullify even the kick generated by your caffeine.

To jump-start a day, a coffee kick is good; but an intriguing excitement that comes from the combination of caffeine and a unique coffee machine, surpasses any other kind of thrill that would get you out of your cozy bed.

This time we are bringing to you 18 of the best coffee making machines, which not only solve their purpose but also make a style statement of their own. These out-of-the-world coffee machines are sure to provide you the much needed morning kick, more from their usability and design than from their perfectly brewed coffee. These coffee machines are sure to shake you up good and get you started for your busy day.

Racepresso Machine


The awesome Racepresso Machine is a perfect blend of Caffeine and speed. For those who love the life of a motorcycle and also their cup of Joe, then this is a cool design worth checking into.

MiCoffee Maker

Mi-Coffee-Maker-conceptual design

The MiCoffee Maker is an amazing looking concept making the Coffee machine a lot more futuristic looking.

Fingerprint Coffee Machine

The Xelsis coffee machine stores your personal coffee settings and brews you your favorite coffee by recognizing your fingerprints. All you need to do is press your finger on the coffee machine and the fingerprint recognizing system will identify the fingerprint and brew you a perfect coffee from your saved settings.

Good News Coffee Machine

This happy looking coffee machine is all one needs for the perfect start of the day. The Good news coffee machine not only brews you a great coffee but also sings for you, though not literally but using its built-in radio.

Helium Espresso Machine

The cute looking, bunny shaped espresso machines with their bright colors and unique shapes, are enough to jump start your day. The coffee machine is the answer to all your coffee brewing woes.

Desktop Coffee Maker

The desktop coffee maker is a perfect solution for all those people who are stuck to their desktop all the time and can’t squeeze out enough time even to get themselves a cup of coffee. Small, stylish, and smart – This coffee machine is definitely for all those lazy coffee bean lovers.

Lethal Weapon Espresso Machine

This espresso machine looks more like a lethal weapon than a coffee machine. Made from polished aluminum, the lethal weapon espresso machine has a unique design with spikes and tripod.

Nespresso Coffee Maker

The Nespresso Coffee maker is colorful and futuristic. Its unique design has several colorful buttons, which we assume, are for making different kinds of coffees. Though still a concept, it is definitely Stylish and Futuristic, something we want to see in real soon.

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Small Size, Big Functionality Coffee Machine Concept

This unique looking coffee machine might look small in size, but it has large features. The head can be rotated to make different types of coffee all at the same time. Moreover, the machine serves more than one glass simultaneously.

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Multipurpose Coffee Machine

This multipurpose coffee machine is stylish, futuristic, and serves more than one purpose. Now you can save space in your cabinets by putting the coffee cups on the holders provided on the coffee machine itself. However, the design is still a concept.

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Hourglass Coffee Maker

This beautiful coffee machine in the form of an hour glass is definitely something to look forward to. The coffee machine with its unique slow brewing process reduces the acid in the coffee by 70%.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

With features such as movable base tray, and adjustable heat and quantity of coffee, the single serve coffee maker is unconventional yet attractive in its design. Though still a concept, we would definitely want to see it on the shelves soon.

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Robotic Coffee Machine

The robotic coffee machine is for the futuristic kitchens. The robot shaped coffee machine has a 15 bar pressure system, along with several other advanced technologies. The cute coffee machine comes in three colors.

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Multi-Stage Ultra Expensive Coffee Machine

This is a bizarre and extremely expensive coffee maker. The coffee machine divides its brewing process into multiple stages and costs more than $20,000. Have a look and you will understand.

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Spirit espresso machines

This coffee machine has everything that it takes to make that perfect coffee. It has a stylish metal design with multiple boilers, lever activated steam valves, pre-infusion cylinders, and individual pressure gauges. The machine takes coffee making to all new different level.

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Futuristic Coffee Maker

This futuristic coffee maker is still a concept. Lightweight, durable, and extremely stylish is what makes this coffee maker very desirable.

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IMO Coffee Maker

This sleek and compact coffee maker defines sophistication and class. The most interesting feature of the coffee maker is its articulated arm that can be used to adjust the height to serve containers of different sizes. But sad, it’s still a concept.

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Espresso Yourself Coffee Machine

The espresso yourself is a unique piece of art that can be used as a coffee machine and also as a show piece to hand on your walls. This coffee machine has everything automated and embodies a perfect futuristic design.

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