Unique Linos USB Vinyl Record Player – LPs may not be Dead

The Linos Compact Record player is one of the most innovative designs I’ve ever seen. Bringing together the antique technology of the record player with all the best in minimalist design and portability. This small device gives you a fully functioning record player in a package comparable to modern MP3 players, though I don’t expect to see a version with a belt clip anytime in the future.

Linos Usb Record Player

This tiny device pays homage to the granddaddy of music distribution and appreciation – the vinyl record. Nowadays the only people with any use for vinyl records seem to be collectors, audiophiles, and DJs. Bless their souls. These technological outcasts, the ones who’ll be heard to mutter how modern recordings lack the warmth of Hi-Fi recordings from years gone by have managed to keep the vinyl fueled flame burning. Sadly though it has long been too much effort to find a turntable, and worse to still convince the better half that the 20-year old antique complete with (dam)aged wood finish fits in with rest of the living room. If you, like me, have tried having this conversation with the fairer sex then no doubt you, much like me, are probably staring at a big empty space near your Hi-Fi setup where a turntable should be.

Linos Usb Record Player

Enter the Linos Compact USB Record Player by Charles Pyott, this device is tiny in fact your record playing setup with the Linos will only be a few centimeters wider than a normal vinyl record. As you can see from the diagram, the Linos Compact Record Player consists of two parts, a base that turns the record and an arm that attaches to the spindle from the base; and Voila! that’s the entire setup. The controls are on the arm, which extends from the center of the record, and the actual moving arm with the stylus moving in and out of it. Plain, simple and the absolute minimum of moving parts. What makes this design great is that it is as good looking as its usability. This device is likely to pass the test on the looks at front where the female folks are concerned and if it doesn’t, well it’s sufficiently small to make it portable, and easy to setup and pack away when done.

Linos Usb Record Player Diagram

While this is definitely not aimed at the true audiophile, this may just be the best chance the ailing record player will ever have, to escape being permanently condemned to the  Museums of popular culture.

Linos Usb Record Player

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