Music To Your Ears in True Star Wars Headphones Style

Headphones play a vital part in everybody’s life; from gamer to cubicle worker to artist. It is practical and offers a sense of privacy that choosing the right sound gear is a very personal matter.

Personally, I have a weak spot for headphones. Not the small practical earphones that fit discreetly in your ears but those big bold old school headphones that take a shortcut over your head, from ear to ear. Combine them with my love for all things Star Wars, and all that’s left to say is: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

head phones boba fett

With these Star Wars Boba Fett Fold Up Headphones from Funko Tronics, you get to listen to your favorite music in true Star Wars style! Not only that, but you get to take Boba Fett with you everywhere you go. They are lightweight and fully adjustable, and  fold up so they are sturdy and compact. Other features include 40MM stereo sound speakers, and the entire set comes with a one-year warranty. Being compatible with MP3 players and iPods means you don’t have to change your headphones set when you leave the house and can just take Mr Fett with you. They will be available from October 2010 and if you order now it will be delivered in October.

head phones darth vader

The good folks at Funko Tronics also blessed us with two additional designs: The Star Wars Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance Special Edition Headphones. Just like the Boba Fett set, they are compatible with most of the MP3 Players on the market, with iPods and Console games too. They are Fold Up as well, making it convenient to pack Darth Vader up and take him with you on your music-filled adventures.

head phones rebel alliance

All three will be available from October 2010, and will cost you $27.99 each – a small price for any Star Wars Fan! Order your set as soon as possible and it will be delivered in October as well. I’m willing to bet that if these headphones had you longing for a galaxy far far away you would also love Hasbro’s New Masterpiece At-At Vehicle Toy and The StormTrooper Helmet!