Foosball Lego Coffee Table – For the True Foosball Lovers!

Now that’s what a true foosball enthusiast would want! Check it out… Don’t you want that for the next foosball tournament of the season? I would love to have it especially after knowing that it is actually a Lego table, and secondly, it is a coffee table top.

However, I am still a bit suspicious about how tough this table actually is. Although it looks spectacular, I wonder how tough the Lego players are, especially for playing foosball. Imagine you and your friends playing foosball with coffee cups on the stands! Wouldn’t that be the best foosball game ever? To me it would be, and the Lego players would make the experience even better.

This table is a design from Mt. Dew Monkey and according to him it’s not complete yet. I suppose he was way too excited about it and he just went announcing it prior to the completion. Anyhow, that’s not our concern. What we should be praising is the art and the concept here. Combining foosball with Lego minifigs is one of the best blends I have seen this year.

Mt. Dew Monkey, inspired by the Phineas & Ferb cartoon, designed this coffee table for all foosball lovers out there. The table is incomplete and according to him a hard spin can make any minifig fly off. But I currently see it as making use of things you don’t really use such as you old minifigs from childhood with which you don’t really play anymore. I wish we had more of such concepts that utilize things which are merely scrap for us now.

Let’s talk about the biggest attraction of this table! The Foosball Lego Table has an authentic ‘fax’ oak woodgrain finish to it. Cool? It doesn’t end there. The wooden look is truly spectacular and it can go with any type of furniture theme especially if you have classic furniture in your house. The only thing I have been thinking all this time is that where exactly do you keep the coffee mugs? Or maybe there is no space to keep coffee mugs on the table itself, it’s just meant to be small enough to be placed on your coffee table?

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