The Skull Pocket Watch for the Super-Rich

An individual’s character, to some extent, is reflected by the watch he or she wears.

A Rolex, for instance, would tell you that its wearer likes to indulge in luxury. A square digital watch with an inbuilt calculator would indicate that the person is either a computer engineer or a NASA scientist. If someone were to sport a pocket watch that is attached to the hip pocket, it would reflect a sophisticated elegance.

Pocket watches rose in prominence during the 18th and 19th centuries and were considered items of rich luxury. They were so highly valued that newspapers would often run adverts that promised rewards for any information regarding lost pocket watches. They went out of fashion at the turn of the 20th century. Men found wristwatches to be more practical than pocket watches.

With underground movements like Steampunk, which has risen in popularity, the old-school pocket watch is once again considered a piece of high fashion.

The Skull Pocket Watch on display today is one such piece of high fashion, which is not for the ordinary. As its name suggests, the high-end timepiece is a pocket watch that is shaped like a human skull. Though its design may be a bit edgy, the fine artisanship of the skull inspired pocket watch elevates it to an aristocratic level.

The outer body of the exotic timepiece is molded from ivory-white marble. The marble reflects fine workmanship with gentle dents and soft craters that is remarkably similar to the shape of the human skull. This fine detailing is carried on to the jaw of the skull that features a set of articulated teeth and hollow temples.

If the frame of the watch reflects skilled design work, then the inner portion of the watch reflects its true aristocracy. The inner cavity of the pocket watch is crafted from pure 18k gold and rests below the marble body. The actual timepiece, with all its gears and mechanisms, is placed inside the gold cavity.

If the gold in the watch raised your eyebrows then the diamonds of the Skull Pocket Watch should have your eyes bulging out in disbelief. Diamonds have been used as the eyes and teeth of the skull. The diamonds are square in shape and framed by the gold.

If you wish to own a piece of aristocratic history that will distinguish you from the rest, you will need to shell out a cool $18,000 for the Skull Pocket Watch. History, as they say, is never cheap.

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