Virgin Novatel MiFi: Your Own Wi-Fi At Less Cost

We live in a highly techno world and as every philosopher and common man has noted, the human wants keep increasing with time; Virgin Mobile is trying to add another want in the  list of human wants, and that is of procuring uninterrupted and fast internet connection.

Things improved a lot with the passage of time, for Internet connection in the households has become one of the very common things though once the whole concept of the internet was like a wonder. However, with human beings engaged more and more in their outdoor activities, we need an Internet connection on-the-move. Many companies have tried, without much success, to come up with the solution.

Virgin Mobile has come up with an advanced solution, this time. The Novatel MiFi, from Virgin Mobile, arranges the internet signal from a 3G cell phone network and then transforms the signal in to WiFi signal, which can be shared by up to five people!

Virgin Novatel MiFi Hotspot

This unique technology used by the Virgin Mobile Novatel MiFi gives you enough time to have WiFi anywhere you want, on your desk or in your own pocket and transmit a fresh internet signal to every person within a range of 30 feet from your hi-tech device. You can carry out this process, for some 4 hours, after which you will have to put the rechargeable batteries on power charge. And then, you will be online right away, as soon as you switch on your netbook, iPod Touch, iPhone, WiFi camera or your laptop.

The Virgin Mobile Novatel MiFi is an amazing gadget to carry with you while you are on an offsite meeting somewhere in the woods or camping with your friends in the hills. You can also use the MiFi as your regular internet service provider.

Virgin offers you some great benefits with the Virgin Mobile Novatel MiFi. They do not ask for contracts. A lot of ISPs will require you to sign a commitment; some might even as for a 2 year contract, but not with the Virgin Mobile Novatel MiFi. The internet plan is ‘unlimited’ and you do not have to keep a daily check on the standard limit on usage of download space. All you have to pay for using the unlimited, fast and portable service is US$ 40 a month; that’s it! To quote The Godfather in a way, this is an offer you cannot refuse!

Via: Nytimes

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